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A research by a well-know C to C platform shows that the keywords virgin Brazilian hair has the most searching index in the Person and Beauty category. It means there is a big market of hair business in the world. So more and more people are going to start selling hair weave business.

To start selling virgin hair weave business, you should have a full plan in a complete sales process. We sum up the process as Hair Supply – Sales Mode – Customer Development, generally speaking, they are find hair suppliers, where to sell the hair, how to expand the customer resources.

Below is 7 tips of starting selling hair business.

1. Target Your Customers

The hair extension products can include hair weave, hair wig, closure, clip-in hair, I tips/U tips, tape haie, blonde hair, hair piece, synthetic hair etc. You would choose what hair products to sell once you target your customers. For example, if your targeted customers are black women, virgin hair weave, lace closure and lace wig will be the targeted products for you.

2. Find Some Suppliers

The different targeted customers and market locations will lead you to look for different hair suppliers because no hair suppliers would offer all of the hair products mentioned above. Take United States black women for example, you should find virgin hair weave suppliers for you hair business. In addition, only one main supplier is not enough because the situation of hair out of stock occurs sometime, it is necessary to find 1 to 2 backup suppliers for your hair business unless you want to lose your customers. The hair supplier is very important, they will effect on the business profits, the hair price and hair textures etc. What you sold are coming from them.

3. Learning Hair Product

You need to know well from your hair suppliers all about the hair they can offered. What kinds of hair products they sold, weight of units, price list of hair, can be dyed or not, what hair texture they had, length available, virgin hair or synthetic hair, hair quality and so on, everything of the hair. This can make sure that you could answer your customers questions well.

4. Prepare Product Data

Prepare the detailed specification and description of your hair products from the hair suppliers. All these information will be used on your websites and profiles etc, like price, product photos, title and description etc.

5. Where to Sell the Hair

There are mainly 4 kinds of method to sell hair products including C2C platform, your owned website, SNS and real store.

  • C2C Platform
    It is a good choice to build up one or more c2c platform like Amazon, Ebay, Wish and Bigcartel etc to sell your hair products if your are expanding local market. There are many buyers and traffic on these websites, and you have been got trust because they are strict selling platform.
  • Your Owned Website
    An online website/store help you promote the brand well. And it is another way to let your customers order hair online themselves. This link address can be added to all of your social networks, promote your hair on all kinds of business list directories like Craigslist, classified Ads websites and yellowpages. Not just leaving a mobile phone number or gmail address, but lead the visitors to visit your website and probably place an order.
  • Social Networks
    The hair business and discussing is widely active in the social networks including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterested, google+, twitter and BlackFairMedia forum. So building up web profiles on these SNS is very important, at the same time, you have to update more valuable news, information, hair photos and promotion sales etc there. DO NOT FORGET to interact with the followers, the more followers and likes they have, the more exposure of the hair you have. Finally, you may receive the hair inquiries on your social networks.
  • Real Store
    Usually we do not recommend people new to hair to do this unless you have much time and money. But it really earn money fast if you have quality hair and money to promote your hair.

Beside the real store, you do not need to prepare much money to do the hair business on setting c2c platform, website and sns because you can sell hair weave at home. So you can choose some of them to set up based on which of them you are professional in as well as your time.

6. Packaging and Delivery

Each hair will be packed in individual, so there is a way to promote your hair brand with branding stickers or hang tags. These tags and stickers will come with your brand name, contact information and QR code etc, to make the clients have much more expression about you and your hair. This is not very necessary at the beginning because you need the money to purchase hair for supplying.

For delivery, there is no problem if your hair suppliers and buyers are coming form domestic, but if not, maybe they come from oversea, a fast shipping company like DHL, Fedex it is required to ensure your delivery time because no customers would like to wait for a package for half month.

7. Hair Review Video

Invite some black women who using your hair to make some good feedback and positive reviews videos for your hair, and upload the videos to Youtube or your website to let the visitors and customers get more confidence and trust on your hair.

8. After-sales Service

What after-sales service you provided, what you guarantee, they are very important to the customers. Such as how to open a curly hair weave, hair exchange or refund available or not etc, providing a good after-sales experience to your customers to obtain long term business relationship or more customers recommended from them.

We do hope this article would help you on starting selling hair business. If you are looking for the reliable virgin human hair weave suppliers, Ebony Hair Firm would like to be your honest virgin hair supplier. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.