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Hi everyone, hope you are doing well! Today we meet to talk about protective hairstyle and human hair. So if you are ready, go!

Not long ago I became a follower of a certain protective hairstyle, the wig. There is not enough to make a mess of it but to me it seems crazy because I didn’t think that one day I would wear wigs and that in addition I would like that but let’s move on! Here you can find our wholesale brazilian hair vendors with good service.

The wig is an excellent protective hairstyle with a lot of advantages and few disadvantages.

The wig makes it easy to change your head, to take care of it more easily, there is less breakage since the hair is handled less often, etc.

In my case, however, it makes me lazy because you have to both take care of the wig strands and take care of our real hair underneath which I tend to overlook.

So I placed my first order for human hair on humanhaircn.com. This is a site that I know well and have often ordered from. I’ve even ordered a wig there, but it’s synthetic and it’s great. Getting back to the topic of the article, after seeing several reviews of wicks from several French and American Youtubers, I decided to go ahead and place my order on humanhaircn.com.

On this Chinese site, the seller’s choice for hair extensions is very varied but I opted for the Ebony hair store after seeing many good reviews. By the way, if you want a full article on how to order on humanhaircn.com and how to avoid scams as much as possible, please let me know in the comments.

So I ordered a 14-inch Deep Wave frontal lace, at 58.58 euros, or around 38,500 CFA francs. I chose free shipping to France because the shipping cost to the Ivory Coast was almost as high as the price of the bits themselves – $ 52.63 or around 30,000 CFA francs. The seller only offers DHL delivery which takes about one to two weeks.

Delivery is therefore rather fast when you know the usual delivery times. Then someone I know brought it to me in Abidjan. But you are free to choose delivery to Ivory Coast if the shipping costs do not bother you.

At first sight the wicks are very beautiful. Lace or tulle is Swiss lace which means that it is finer and more natural than French lace. The color of the tulle is a really light beige which is perfect because I don’t intend to fade the tulle but just customize it with foundation. Bleaching the knots may make the wig more natural but greatly weaken the hair. Moreover I do not find that it is an essential step. As you run your fingers through the hair, there is a slight fall, but nothing dramatic or more normal. No smell either, it smells exactly like any human lock I could buy.

Regarding the density it is 130% which for me is just perfect. Nothing better than a lace too thick to have a very unnatural effect that can be seen from afar. Anyway, I will customize the lace and make a wig.