WENNALIFE Clip In Hair Extensions Human Hair, 40cm 120g 7pcs Human Hair Clip In Hair Extensions, Jet Black Human Hair Extension Real Hair



【Clip in Hair Extensions Specification】- WENNALIFE clip in human hair extensions, 7 pieces 120g with 16 clips per set. Net weight of 105g without clips, 120g with clips. Just to thicken your hair, suggest 1-2 sets; for a full head, suggest 2-3 sets; if you want to add length and volume, we recommend 2-3 sets. We also offer 2 replacement clips.
【Color Matching】- Jet Black. The blackest black, this cool-toned shade has blue undertones throughout for enhanced shine and shine. We suggest you choose the color from your own root hair (There may be some color difference due to different screens). If you find it difficult to choose, please contact us to help you choose the best matches.
【Fast Wear and Long Lasting】- The clips are sewn stably, covered with a layer of soft rubber to carefully protect your scalp and hair. You can easily apply and remove it yourself to change your hairstyle for different occasions, like wedding, parties, dates, etc. complexion, etc. When you curl or straighten it, please control the temperature below 250F.
【Heat Tips】We all love our hair extensions and want them to last as long as possible. To ensure they last, we recommend keeping them hydrated using a deep conditioner etc. Remember that hair extensions have a natural lifespan so it is normal for them to dry out over time. If you notice this happening, it may be time to replace them to keep your hair looking great.